5 Ridiculous Ways People Realized They Were Out of Their Jobs.

People like to go on about how millennials and Gen Z’s don’t have any loyalty when it comes to jobs but honestly that isn’t always the case. There’s hardly any job security for young working professionals and many times, the employers are the actual jerks. Don’t worry, I brought receipts!   Recently, I hung out withContinue reading “5 Ridiculous Ways People Realized They Were Out of Their Jobs.”

A Job Seeker’s Guide to Networking on LinkedIn

After a few months taking a hiatus, I started my new job as a Growth Associate at Curacel last week.  I began actively looking for a new job about two months ago when I started getting bored and blowing through my savings, but mostly because I felt mentally ready to get back into the jobContinue reading “A Job Seeker’s Guide to Networking on LinkedIn”

Nollywood Needs More Honest Movie Reviews

In the last quarter of 2020, a lot of Nollywood productions, most of which were already delayed, hit the big screens after cinemas began to open . At some point, there were only Nigerian movies showing in all cinemas, this pushed a lot of movie lovers to see more locally produced films. With increased viewingContinue reading “Nollywood Needs More Honest Movie Reviews”

Are Flutterwave and Paystack the Peak of Nigerian Fintechs?

In the past decade, we have witnessed an increased number of fintech startups take on various services formerly dominated by traditional banks, and this has reshaped the conventional business models within the financial industry. With the adoption of mobile technology, particularly in Africa, fintechs have been able to create new markets and an appeal toContinue reading “Are Flutterwave and Paystack the Peak of Nigerian Fintechs?”

78th Golden Globe Awards: All Winners and Nominees.

Not so long ago, the Hollywood Press Association members whose votes matter in the Golden Globes were under intense public probe, after the list of nominees for the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards was released. Although the nominees list featured many trendy TV shows and a much needed inclusion of female movie directors being recognized,Continue reading “78th Golden Globe Awards: All Winners and Nominees.”