I Envy The Dead.

I have long days and short nights

The constant mental battles just so I get to pay tithes

Bothered about the decisions I make being right

And about a future that may never see the light

I envy the dead.


I hate that I have to get old

With each passing day, burdened with more secrets to withhold

Every stare feels like judgment of me against the roads rode

In the end, I am only truly seen when my body is decomposed.

I envy the dead.


I never seem to be able to handle any loss

Many times, I wish I could outsource

Life takes and takes till it empties my purse

Then a clergy explains “That’s why He died on the cross”

I envy the dead.


I really enjoy sleeping

That is the only time the voices in my head are not in season

Close my eyes, and alas, the thoughts begin sinking

Just to open my eyes again to realize, that to the world, no one was missing

I envy the dead.

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