With A Second Season Coming…..How Important is Bridgerton’s “Lady Whistledown”?

Netflix’s latest period drama series ‘Bridgerton’, created by Chris Van Husen and produced by Shonda Rhimes, both of whom understand drama! has been one of the most talked about shows recently, for all the right reasons; from the steamy romance and adorable characters to the lavishly styled costumes and beautiful set design.

With all of these positives, you’d think it couldn’t be any better, yet it does, with the arcane character of Lady Whistledown (voiced by Julie Andrews), who is arguably the most powerful character on the show. The enigmatic character runs a widely read gossip column in Regency-era London and has the tea on anyone and everyone, including the almighty Queen Charlotte (played by Golda Rosheuvel).

Lady Whistledown is so powerful, her written pieces shape other people’s lives, some of them to pre-eminence and others to ruins.

On the show, Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers on its own, is a hot topic of conversation amongst the characters, and the content of these papers are even more caustic. Everyone wants to know who the mysterious Lady Whistledown is, at the same time, they are all very wary of each other, as Lady Whistledown could be anybody, and nobody wants to be on the bad side of the very formidable Lady.

As the show progresses, the tremendous gossip column continues to stir controversy in London with its many accurate revelations, until Queen Charlotte and Eloise Bridgerton (played by Claudia Jessie) take it upon themselves to unmask the actual identity of Lady Whistledown, after some not so appealing commentary is written that stings both parties, in very different ways.

Eloise is strongly of the opinion that Lady Whistledown is Madam Delacroix (Kathyryn Drysdale), the top seamstress and dressmaker in town whom Eloise found out was having a secret affair with one of her many brothers’ (Benedict Bridgeton). Eloise’s theory is that her(Madam Delacroix) education, ideology, and access to all of the families in town are all of the tools required for her to be Lady Whistledown.

The last episode of the premiere season saw Queen Charlotte’s plan to seize Lady Whistledown at the printing press trampled  by  Eloise. After an unrelated conversation later with her brother (Benedict), Eloise soon realizes that her theory was wrong and that Lady Whistledown could not have been the Madam Delacroix she thought she had saved from the Queen’s men.

The last scene ends with the reveal of the biggest secret of the season; the identity of Lady Whistledown, turns out, the soft spoken, good mannered and shy Penelope Featherington (Played by Nicola Coughman) is one and the same as the venomously ink-happy Lady Whistledown.

Upon a commercially successful first season, Netflix have confirmed that the period drama  has been renewed for a second season. 

With the identity of the mysterious character now known to us, it then begs to question the importance of Lady Whistledown’s role and what other secrets hidden in Regency-era London are in store for us, the viewers, next season.

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