Online Dating: How Your Photos Can Get You Laid.

There is a science to everything, including making your DMs pop and getting laid via online dating platforms. And like every other science, there is a systematic order to achieving this.

In the world of online dating, regardless of what you’re searching for, be it love, companionship, or just outright sex, your photos are the first step in attracting attention and making that connection.

To guide you on what your photos on these platforms should look like or NOT look like, Here are five things you should be mindful of before you hit that upload picture button.

  • Take Good Quality Photos

In marketing, everyone knows that good visual content drives engagement. The main goal for your profile is to get engagement, and increased visits to your profile ultimately leads to an increased number of dates, which leads to an increased number of happy endings. *wink*wink*

  • Know Your Angles.

This involves knowing your most flattering features, be cognizant of what parts of your face and body are most attractive. Your pictures should emphasize these features. And if you are like me and have many features, you should upload multiple pictures to your profile, a lot of these platforms allow for that.

  • Your Outfits and Grooming

We all like thirst traps, but keep the salacious photos to a minimum, otherwise, you just come off as an Olosho (which by the way is another online dating app) – I honestly do not recommend it.

You should also try to not wear sunglasses, your eyes are a feature that people want to see. Your hair, makeup, and accessories should be on fleek but also left to the bare minimum as well.

P.S: Yoruba men, endeavour to post pictures where you ARE NOT wearing your wedding bands.

  • Backgrounds.

Pay super close attention to what’s behind you when taking your photos, having strange objects around or a messy background is distracting and unattractive, to say the least. Use simple, colourful backgrounds. A good example is a beach scene. 

  • Avoid Group Photographs

When uploading pictures on these platforms, DO NOT upload photos of yourself in a group, no one wants to be guessing who’s who. In online dating, you lose a few points from potential matches if they ever have to ask ‘which one you are?’ in the photo and lose more points if you’re not the person they find most attractive.

Now that I have fed you with this knowledge, go out there, download that app, upload that photo and go get laid.

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